A Match Not Made in Heaven: The Disconnect Between Job Seekers and Companies Hiring

This week I got here throughout a brand new survey posted by FlexJobs¹ that found out forty eight% of unemployed task seekers are frustrated in their activity search due to the fact they may be no longer finding the right jobs to use to. That survey additionally showed that 47% are actively looking out of doors their contemporary career to find employment, 85% are inclined to take a pay cut with the intention to comfy a process, and 40% have applied to jobs they think they may be overqualified for.

WHAT is going on in trendy job marketplace?

I ask that query due to the fact I found these stats shocking. For the past numerous months we’ve long gone thru the “candidate shortage” and what we would discuss with as a “client’s marketplace.” Candidates have the top hand. They have the ability to barter for a higher revenue, they have got the opportunity to just accept incentives they usually wouldn’t be offered. Right… ?

These stats from the job seekers attitude appear to paint a very different picture then the photograph that has been painted through corporations hiring all through the exertions shortage. Where is the disconnect?

Is it process descriptions no longer being written to healthy the appropriate target audience? Are key phrases lacking from activity descriptions that task seekers are searching out? Are jobs being published on websites in which the proper candidate isn’t searching? It can be any of this stuff and extra.

As I think about the candidate scarcity even though and factor in these stats, one factor is apparent to me: Perhaps it is time to reconsider the shortage from the “applicant’s” attitude. Is part of the purpose there may be a scarcity due to the fact job seekers aren’t finding the activity they’re seeking out? To me, it looks as if this will be a part of the case. So, how will we put jobs in the front of the candidates which might be looking for YOUR process? One manner to do that is by way of taking a step returned to reconsider approach. It’s time to assume like an applicant.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of an Applicant

Who would be the precise man or woman on your position? If you had been this individual, what could you need to look in the task description? What are key phrases this applicant may be looking for? What do you need to provide that comparable roles do not? Why would a person want to paintings in this function at this enterprise? What form of character would be excited about this opportunity?

Also, think about where this man or woman would be looking for a task. Re-compare if the area of this activity posting is in the best region the proper applicant would be looking. I was recently on a journey inside the Smoky Mountains and stayed in a town called Gatlinburg. If you haven’t been there, it is a touristy city right close to one of the entrances to the Smoky Mountains. They have an entire avenue of stores, restaurants, and points of interest. What I observed though is that the various corporations have a “assist wanted” sign out of doors of the building. We even went to a restaurant that admitted they have been brief staffed due to the lack, so wait instances might be a bit longer. When we seemed around the restaurant, a number of the tables had been empty because of no longer having enough waiters and waitresses. What we later determined out from one of the eating place proprietors in Gatlinburg is that the metropolis sincerely employs a whole lot of human beings from Romania. Working in Gatlinburg is a good opportunity for them to work and stay inside the United States. I would by no means have guessed Gatlinburg would appeal to people from Romania, but of our waitresses all through the 2 days we have been there were in reality from Romania! This isn’t an instance to mention you need to start recruiting internationally, but it’s a super example of thinking outdoor of the box and wondering from an applicant’s attitude. Who could locate this as a great possibility? Who would be excited about this role? Where could be the correct place to publish this job?

Reverse Roles. Take Advice You Would Give Candidates When Applying to Jobs

Similarly, to placing yourself in the footwear of an applicant, also reverse roles and take the recommendation you would deliver applicants. I became reading an editorial the day past about tips for purchasing hired rapid. It turned into a very good article and as I examine it, it made me assume that quite a few the guidelines could truly be reversed and utilized by companies hiring. Similar recommendations that might be applied encompass referrals, highlighting achievements, telling a story, growing an elevator pitch, noting what makes you exclusive. Does this sound acquainted? Job seekers want to sell themselves, however businesses additionally need to promote themselves and the placement, otherwise the perfect match might not happen. If a job seeker indicates up in a pleasing get dressed on the primary date and the company suggests up in a pair of ripped shorts and a dishevelled t-blouse, one might also proper away have a bad first impression and not be involved. Let’s take a deeper dive at making the proper first impact!


As we rely on applicants to have referrals, referrals can also be a bonus to the agency hiring. Referrals ought to are available in many specific paperwork. It will be employees on the organization hiring sharing the open task posting on social media and spreading the phrase amongst their network. It may also be personnel taking the time to fulfill with the candidate to permit the candidate to ask questions on the role and communicate to someone who’s already operating on the employer. If you are a staffing and recruiting corporation, you can even ask the organisation you’re recruiting for to offer more than one prices from employees promoting why they prefer operating at the organization. These may be used to promote the position and even used in pix while promoting the location on social media. Referrals supply the function additional credibility and may appeal to greater candidates.

Highlight Company Achievements

Has the organization hiring gained awards? Do they have got any important accomplishments to spotlight? If so, mention them in the activity description. Awards and achievements are one way to help the task and employer stand proud of others, simply as candidates may also highlight achievements in a resume or in an interview.

Tell a Story and Be Specific

In an interview, candidates are counseled to share their tale and experience, speak about a challenge they worked on, or are frequently requested “tell us approximately a time… “. Companies can also tell their story in a task description or at some stage in an interview. In a task description groups can spotlight initiatives the placement could be working on or tasks that had been just finished in the department. This offers candidates the opportunity to understand and get enthusiastic about the sorts of projects they could be working on.

In the task description also encompass a touch evaluate of the organisation and the organization’s tale. When changed into the corporation founded? What makes the business enterprise unique? What makes the business enterprise awesome to work for? These info provide the enterprise persona and allows the candidate to peer a glimpse of the organisation tradition.

Overall telling a story for your task description is essential, but supplying detail is also vital. Be as specific as viable for your task descriptions. If the outline could be very general, it’ll blend in with different process descriptions and no one could be excited about it (or remember it for that matter.) Tell a tale and be memorable!

Elevator Pitch

All candidates want to have an elevator pitch geared up this is short and describes them in the satisfactory manner viable. Job descriptions, hiring managers, and recruiters need to all have an elevator pitch as well. For the process description, you must start out the primary 2-three sentences with your pitch. Why must someone be interested by studying this job description? Why need to a person be inquisitive about this job? Start the activity description off in a manner that captivates the reader and entices them to preserve reading extra about the possibility.

Additionally, elevator pitches may be given all through an interview whilst speaking about the business enterprise and task. Hiring managers and recruiters must have their elevator pitch equipped that highlights the employer and position inside the fine way feasible. Add portions of statistics that makes the position and organization a ideal area to work. By the cease of it, you may need the candidate to be lured into the activity and agency lifestyle!

Why You? What makes you different?

We’ve touched upon highlighting what makes you one of a kind when telling your tale and while developing your elevator pitch. This is some thing that candidates are always striving to do in resumes, cowl letters, interviews. Overall, while drawing close a role which you are recruiting for, this should be behind your thoughts at some stage in the method as well. Why must a person need to work on this function? Why should a person need to work at this organisation? What will a person benefit operating right here that they can’t gain anywhere else? The activity and business enterprise need to be offered, just as an applicant desires to promote what they must provide it is exceptional from different applicants.

A Match Made in Heaven

While it’d be exceptional if we had a secret set of rules that matched jobs with the right applicants, even the Match CEO, Sam Yagan says, “We are still decades away from surely predicting the chemistry among people.” We may not be on the degree in which an set of rules enables expect “chemistry” between a person and a process, but what we will do now could be “think like an applicant.” It is apparent there’s a disconnect inside the modern job marketplace between agencies and task seekers. Companies cannot find employees and activity seekers can not locate jobs they may be inquisitive about. Is it because jobs aren’t being posted in the front of the proper target market? Is it the task descriptions themselves that is no longer fascinating interest and, therefore, applicants aren’t locating jobs they’re interested by? It could be a number of things, however by using taking a moment to step lower back and spot the angle from “your other half” may be simply the proper way to hook up with your perfect healthy.

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