APPSC Group 4 Syllabus 2022 Screening Test and Mains Exam Syllabus

The APPSC Group four selection manner consists of a unmarried written examination. Candidates who correctly clear the examination can be known as in for record verification and might be selected for his or her favored placed up. The APPSC Group 4 syllabus is the identical for all the posts indexed beneath this APPSC Group-IV recruitment.

Screening Test and Mains Exam Syllabus

Paper-IGeneral Studies (SSC Standard)Events of national and international importance. Current affairs- international, national, and regional. General Science and its applications to day-to-day life Contemporary developments in Science & Technology and Information Technology. Social-economic and political history of modern India with emphasis on Andhra Pradesh. Indian polity and governance: constitutional issues, public policy, reforms and e-governance initiatives with specific reference to Andhra Pradesh.  Economic development in India since independence with emphasis on Andhra Pradesh. Physical geography of Indian sub-continent and Andhra Pradesh.Disaster management: vulnerability profile, prevention, and mitigation strategies, Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in the assessment of Disaster. Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection Logical reasoning, analytical ability, and data interpretation. Data Analysis: a) Tabulation of data b) Visual representation of data c) Basic data analysis (Summary Statistics such as mean, median, mode, variance, and coefficient of variation) and Interpretation  Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and its Administrative, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political, and Legal implications/problems
Paper-IIEnglish and TeluguComprehension Usage and idioms Vocabulary and punctuation Logical re-arrangement of sentences GrammarSynonyms & VocabularyGrammar of TeluguTelugu to English meanings English to Telugu meanings Usage and idiom of Telugu

Computer Proficiency Test

Contents of Part-A
MS-Word (15 marks)Create and save a document using MS WORDa. Deletion of Character, Word, line, and block of textb. Undo and redo processc. Moving, Copying, and renaming.Format the Text documenta. Character formattingb. Paragraph formattingc. Page formattingSpell check the documenta. Finding and Replacing textb. Bookmarks and Searching for a Bookmarksc. Checking Spelling and Grammar automaticallyd. Checking Spelling and Grammar using DictionaryPrint the documenta. Print Previewb. Print Dialog boxMail Merge in Ms-worda. Create a main document and data file for mail mergingb. Merging the filesc. From letters using mail mergingd. Mailing labels using mail mergingTable creation in Ms-worda. Create a table in documentb. Add row, column to a tablec. Changing column width and row height.d. Merge, split cells of the table.e. Use formulae in tables.f. sorting data in a table.g. formatting a table.Ability to type on Qwerty keyboard of Computer at a speed of at least equivalent to 30 Words per 1 minute (Lower typewritingtest).
Contents of Part-B
MS-Excel (10 marks)Create and save a new workbook in Excel.Entering Data into Worksheet.Editing data of Worksheet.Formatting the text in the cells.Formatting the numbers in the cells.Formatting cells.Copying format of the cell along with data format.Changing the height and width of cells.Freezing Titles, splitting the screen.Enter formulae for calculation in the cells.Copying the formula over a range of cells.Inserting built-in functions into the cells.Create graphs for the data using Chart Wizard.Format graphs in Excel.Printing of worksheet.
Contents of Part-C
MS-Powerpoint (10 marks)Create and save a new presentation using MS-Powerpoint.-The layout of the opening screen in Powerpoint.-The toolbars in MS Powerpoint.Choose Auto Layout for a new slide.Insert text and pictures into a blank slide.Insert new slides into the presentation.Apply slide transition effects.Slide show.Set animation to text and pictures in a slide.Set the sounds, order, and timing for animation.
Contents of Part-D
MS-Access (10 marks)Creation and manipulation of databases.
Contents of Part-E
Internet (5 marks)Browse the Net using Browser software (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google.Chrome, etc.,).Search the Web using Search Engines.Create an Email account.Send and receive Email.E-commerce transactions.Web content uploading.Ability to operate Mac OS / Pages / Keynote /Numbers.

APPSC Junior Assistant Exam Pattern

The APPSC Junior Assistant Exam Pattern has a Screening Test and Mains Examination. The details of the exam pattern are as follows:

Screening Test

Section – AGeneral Studies & Mental Ability100100100
Section – BGeneral English & General Telugu(25 marks each & SSC Standard)505050
  • A total number of 150 questions are asked,
  • The exam is conducted for 150 marks.
  • The duration of the examination is 150 minutes.
  • There is a negative marking, 1/3rd mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. 


PaperSubjectNo. OfQuestionsDurationMinutesMaximumMarks
Paper-IGeneral Studies & Mental Ability150150150
Paper-IIGeneral English & General Telugu(75 marks each & SSC Standard)150150150
  • A total number of 300 questions are asked,
  • The exam is conducted for 300 marks.
  • The duration of the examination is 300 minutes.
  • There is a negative marking, 1/3rd mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Computer Proficiency Test

  • The Computer Proficiency exam is divided into five parts. Each part, tests a particular area of computer efficiency.
  • The exam is conducted for 50 marks and the candidates will get 30 minutes to attempt the exam.
  • It is a practical exam.
Name of the partName of the Question to be answeredMarks
Part AExample: Typing a letter/passage/paragraph ( about 100- 150 words ) in MS-Word15
Part BExample: Preparation of a Table/Graph in MS-Excel10
Part CExample: Preparation of Power Point Presentations/Slides (Two) on MS-Power Point.10
Part DExample: Creation and manipulation of data bases.10
Part EExample: Displaying the content of E-mail (Inbox).05

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